Developing and testing a framework for the design of harmonized, context-specific Monitoring, Reporting and Verification system for soil Carbon and greenhouse gas balances by Agricultural activities.

Carbon sequestration in the land use sector is an important element to meet the European climate targets. In this respect, it is important to develop reliable yet cost-effective systems to monitor, report and verify efforts by land managers. This is particularly relevant for the international GHG inventory reporting, and for the development of payment systems to reward land managers for sequestering carbon and reducing GHG emissions by carbon farming. MARVIC has been specifically designed to generate instruments and knowledge that enable fulfilling this ambition. The main goal of MARVIC is to develop and test a reliable Framework for the design of harmonized, context-specific MRV systems ('MRV Framework') for assessing carbon stock changes in soils and woody biomass and soil GHG emissions. The development of a generic MRV Framework, applicable to all agricultural land-use activities, is essential for boosting faith in public and private carbon farming schemes in Europe. More information can be found on MARVIC's website.