Rural regeneration hubs for healthier soils in the Mediterranean region

The main goal of GOV4ALL is to drive change by fostering connections between rural communities and local, national and international innovation ecosystems, nurturing leadership and entrepreneurship with viable and long-lasting business models. To this end, the project will deploy a bottom-up participatory approach that will lead to the creation of five agro-innovation hubs spread across France, Greece and Spain. The project will connect farmers, scientists, NGOs, policymakers and the public towards a vision of an agricultural system that can generate income for rural communities while protecting natural resources, with a focus on regenerating the soil.

GOV4ALL (Governance and business models for living labs: Rural regeneration hubs for tackling soil health challenges in the Mediterranean region) is a research and innovation action funded by the European Union (programme Horizon) to support the implementation of the EU Mission 'A Soil Deal for Europe' (Mission Soil) and started in June 2024 with a duration of 54 months. SAE Innova coordinates the project, that is realised by a consortium of 36 members from six countries across Europe.

More information can be found on GOV4ALL's website