Unlocking regenerative food systems

Our approach to design transformative strategies is collaborative, dynamic and fit-for-purpose

The elements of building sustainable synergies for innovation 

Defining the vision

We start with "why", inspiring actors through a shared image of a better future. Objectives and goals will follow easily when people's intrinsic motivators are well aligned.

Multi-actors alignment

We nurture active communication and mutual understanding among stakeholders as the key enabler for addressing our food system's complex challenges. 

User-centered planning

We believe that innovative solutions must be co-designed and tailored around user needs. We apply tools and develop impactful strategic plan based on system thinking and theory of change.

Scientific communication at best

We design strategies for communicating and disseminating innovations, making use of scientific data to engage, provoke and drive actions toward more sustainable food systems.

Maximizing the impact of European R+I projects  

We are committed to give rise to the best possible research and innovation actions within the European funding ecosystem. We do that by building high-level partnerships, and by navigating together the questions, context, and implications surrounding the challenges proposed by the Commission. We contribute to developing scalable solutions for food systems as well as in making scientific results more accessible to economic players and the society at large.  

Our focus areas

Agroecological farming

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of regenerative farming approaches based on a holistic management of the soil-water-plant relationship. 

Soil health and conservation

We bring our expertise in agronomy, soil science and microbial ecology in the development of solutions and towards a better understanding of the importance of soils.

Circular Economy of Nutrients

We build synergies with a number of stakeholders for enabling circular food systems, a better use of available resources, as well as the optimization of result-based carbon market.

Living labs and societal participation 

We enhance the research strategies we participate in by involving end-user from the project onset. For this we set up spaces for sharing experiences and co-designing innovations, where participants' engagement is nurtured throughout.

Data science and digital transformation

We believe in the power of digital technologies to transform for the better the processes through which we produce and consume food. Our team of data analysts, developers and Earth Observation experts are constantly designing new tools to unlock data for improving decision-making.

Our latest projects 


Smart governance and operational tools for agroecological carbon farming.

Funded by PRIMA, H2020, the project is validating potential carbon schemes as a mechanism to accelerate the diffusion of regenerative farming practices in the Mediterranean.


Development of smart solutions to reduce agricultural GHG emissions.

This operational group established in Spain through FEADER funds is set out to validate management strategies for orchard residues. The goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of involved test farms.


Mediterranean network of practice for soil health.

Not yet started CSA that will bring together the experience of 10 EIP-AGRI operational groups from Portugal, Italy and Spain, with the ambition to establish a roadmap for the diffusion of validated regenerative practices.

Building a network of excellence